Paying for Prosthetic Limbs

We have had so many questions from people who need prosthetic limbs and have no way to pay for the,  We have been told that most health insurance will cover prosthetic limbs, but only basic limbs (i.e., not running legs, or prosthetics for special purposes.)  However, we have also been told that there are foundations and hospitals that will help.  One of our readers (Cody’s father) tells us that Shriners Hospitals will provide care to children, regardless of ability to pay, and that the Challenged Athletes Foundation has grants available to cover equipment and travel for those who wish to resume athletic activity.  We have also been told that the Amputee Coalition of America will help pay for prosthetic limbs for those in need.

As always, we welcome other suggestions and ideas, and would be pleased to pass them on to our readers!

One Response to “Paying for Prosthetic Limbs”

  1. Ellen Norris Says:

    I have recently purchased a C-Leg which is not totally covered by B.C.Medical, Blue Cross nor War Amps.

    Is there any available grants available to help in the payment of this leg?