Donation of Prosthetic Limbs

Through the Given Limb website, we receive many questions about what to do with prosthetic limbs that are not being used anymore.  Often when a family member who was an amputee passes away, the family members don’t want to discard his/her expensive prosthetic limbs, and are looking for some way to donate them to someone who is in need.  To our knowledge, there is no clearinghouse or agency that tries to match unused prosthetic devices with amputees in need.  We welcome feedback from anyone who has had experience donating prosthetic limbs, or who has knowledge of organizations that facilitate such donations.

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    […] Given Limb Foundation » Blog Archive » Donation of Prosthetic Limbs […]

  2. Spyware News Says:

    Just wanted to tell you thank you! for all the great info found on your blog, even helped me with my job recently :) keep it up!

  3. earl kawaguchi Says:

    i have an above the knee right leg prosthiesis. do you have a need for it. it belonged to my late wife and i have no use for it. i’ve checked with the salvation army, goodwill and they have no use for it. i cannot claim a donation for it and will not pay to ship it. so i will trash it if you don’t have any use for it or won’t pay for shipping. sincerely, earl kawaguchi

  4. Glenn Standage Says:

    The Amputee Coalition of America lists organizations which accept prosthesis donations (

  5. Doug Sikes Says:

    We are in need of several prosthesis for the people of Nicaragua. Last month we cast 43 people in Leon. We have 23 AK and 20 BK we are in process of making. Our donations are down because of the Haiti earthquake. Any used prosthesis will be helpful. We can be contacted through website. We will send UPS to pick up your donation.

  6. sandra Says:

    I need a prosthetic left foot to the middle third. I would appreciate information and cooperation you can give me. I really need help. Thanks

  7. Lonniel Fermasis Says:

    Please help my friend Sarin Guilaran whose left leg is amputated due to a motorcycle accident. He is 41 years old now and hardly raises his family because of his disability. Since there is scarcity of employment here in the Philippines, having no leg is a disqualification for jobs. However, if he could have prosthetic leg, he could prosper his self-employment. This is the only help I can give him since I can’t provide him prosthetic leg myself. Thank you very much!

  8. givenlimb Says:

    We do not currently have the ability to fund prosthetic legs. However, possibly someone reading this blog will have resources or a leg to donate and will respond to you.