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Prosthetic decorations

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

An amputee himself, a GLF reader named Dan has developed a way to decorate prosthetic devices with custom designs or tattoos.  He has produced a variety of designs on prosthetics–American flags, Marine insignias, roses, etc.  If you visit his website,, you can see examples of his work and get information on how to contact him.

Gas Pedal Devices

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Several people have written to us offering gas pedal devices or left foot gas pedals for amputees or people who cannot use their right foot on the gas pedal.  If you know of someone who could use such a device, write to us and we will try to connect you with someone who would like to donate a device.

Donating Prosthetic Limbs to Help Indigent in Mexico

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

We have received numerous inquiries from people who have prosthetic limbs that are no longer being used and would like to donate them to someone who can use them.  We have been referring everyone to the Amputee Coalition of America website, where they have a list of agencies that will accept those donations.  (See the previous post “Donations of Prosthetic Limbs”  for a link to the ACA webpage.)  However, recently we have been in touch with PIPO Missions in Savannah, Ga., another foundation which resuses donated prosthetic limbs and braces to help the indigent in Mexico.  Founded by David Puckett, a licensed prosthetist who was featured on CNN’s “Heroes” program, PIPO’s mission is to “reach out to southeastern Mexico’s indigent, physically disabled citizens who are in specific need of orthotic and/or prosthetic care, but are unable to afford services, through the provision of orthopedic braces and artificial limbs along with corrective surgery whenever possible.”  David Puckett visits towns and villages in southeastern Mexico several times each year providing free medical care to patients with orthopedic needs, fitting them with the prosthetic limbs and braces that have been donated to PIPO.  For more information about PIPO, click here.

PIPO has been able to assist approximately 150  people each year, and they welcome the donation of prosthetic limbs and devices.  Donations may be shipped to the following address:

PIPO Missions

5202 Waters Avenue

Savannah, GA  31404

Include your name, address, and description of the donated limb and they will send you a thank-you letter for your records.

The Given Limb Foundation welcomes other suggestions of  agencies that accept these donations!  Our recent post titled “Haiti needs Prosthetic Limbs” received some suggestions of where to send limb donations as well–see the comments attached to that post for more information.

Donation of Prosthetic Limbs

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

We have received numerous questions about how to go about donating used prosthetic limbs.  Thanks to Glenn Standage, who informed us that the Amputee Coalition of America lists on its website several organizations that accept these donations.  We refer interested donors to the ACA webpage.  Click here for a link.

Haiti needs prosthetic limbs

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As a result of the tragic earthquake in Haiti, many people lost limbs, and there is a tremendous and immediate need for prosthetic limbs as well as prosthetists to fit limbs.  We have heard from several people asking about limb donations.  The St. Vincent’s School for children with disabilities is in need of child sized prosthetic limbs, and there are other orphanages caring for wounded children in the aftermath of the earthquake.  If you know of someone with the ability to help, or if you have contact with other groups in Haiti looking for prosthetics, please respond to this blog.  Perhaps we can facilitate the direction of funds or aid efforts in this cause.

Marine Receives New Feet and New Mission

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Josh Wege, a Marine from Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, lost both feet to a roadside blast in Afghanistan in October.  He has spent the past month at Walter Reed Army Hospital being fitted for new prosthetic feet that will enable him to walk unaided.  Josh is already advancing to crutches this month and plans to walk through the door with no crutches at Christmas.  Josh’s recovery and determination are remarkable and we wish him all the best.

Pistorious’s Controversial Prosthetic Legs

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Oscar Pistorious, a South African double amputee sprinter, was in the news recently. Researchers at Southern Methodist University recently discovered that his legs lower his time by 10 seconds from if he had normal legs. The study showed that because his prosthetics are lightweight, he is able to reposition them far faster than a regular sprinter. His blade legs also lower the amount of muscle force needed to run. He was originally banned to compete against able-bodied sprinters in January 2008 by the IAAF, but that was changed in May of 2008 and he is now allowed to compete against regular runners. He was allowed to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but failed to qualify for the team. He now hopes to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics using his lightweight blade legs.

War victim and his loss becomes Seattle’s success story

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Six years ago at his home in war-torn Gaza, Sobhi, at the age of 9, was severely injured when a bomb landed on his family’s farm field where he was helping his parents work. Three days passed before Sobhi awoke to find himself in a hospital with only half a left leg. Weeks passed before he got out of bed and started a new life on crutches.

But in October, in a Federal Way clinic in the Seattle area, the Palestinian teen with a 100-watt smile stood on two feet again, thanks to a team of Seattle area residents who donated their time and money to bring him to Washington and get him a prosthetic leg.

How did it happen?  The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund knew that a group of people in Seatlle had helped raise funds following the attacks.  PCRF asked them to help with Sobhi.  In turn, help was provided by the Preferred Orthotics and Prosthetic Services in Federal Way founded by Fred Cato and Karl Entenmann, both graduates of the University of Washington’s Prosthetic program. Entenmann, a native of Seattle, said he and his team would make the socket to fit over Sobhi’s leg. He then called manufacturers to see if they could donate the other parts for free.

Now Sobhi is going to school in the Seattle area while he receives fittings and physical therapy….and says his prosthetic leg feels just like his real one did.  Kudos to the Seattle volunteers and professional prosthetists for making another “given limb” success story.


Donation of Prosthetic Limbs

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Through the Given Limb website, we receive many questions about what to do with prosthetic limbs that are not being used anymore.  Often when a family member who was an amputee passes away, the family members don’t want to discard his/her expensive prosthetic limbs, and are looking for some way to donate them to someone who is in need.  To our knowledge, there is no clearinghouse or agency that tries to match unused prosthetic devices with amputees in need.  We welcome feedback from anyone who has had experience donating prosthetic limbs, or who has knowledge of organizations that facilitate such donations.

Golfer Ken Green Attempting Comeback

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

In June, 5-time PGA tour winner, Ken Green, lost his right leg in a car accident. The accident also claimed the life of girlfriend and brother. But last week, Green took to the links with a prosthetic leg and played 11 holes. He finished 3 over par. Green still has severe pain that is not managed well by medication, but hopefully conquering that challenge will also be part of his comeback.