Obtaining Prosthetic Limbs Without Insurance

Forty-eight year old Greg Lewis, a lower left leg amputee from Chandler , Arizona, was diagnosed with cancer 30 years ago, and given a prosthetic.  He has walked since then with the same prosthetic device. He said he has no health insurance and didn’t have the money for a new prosthesis, which can cost $10,000 or more, Lewis said.  Friends, co-workers and Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics made a new prosthetic happen for Greg.  The Given Limb gets a number of requests from individuals with the need for first-time or replacement prosthetics.  Folks with good insurance have told me that they are entitled to several replacement prosthetics—some multiple prosthetics each year!  Seems a shame that we, as a country, cannot figure out how to get at least one new prosthetic to someone like Greg at least every ten years! In the mean time, anyone in Greg’s situation should feel free to call on the services of the Amputee Coalition of America.  They are very proactive in finding prosthetists and prosthetics for people who cannot afford them. (www.amputee-coalition.org)

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